How adorable does Josie look in her Halter Dress!!
The boots are rather fetching too.


Of late

Some real cuties here. Bruno and Pearl. Darlings.

Seeing as the warmer weather is previewing itself every so often the batiks are getting a look in.



Sunday attends Orange Grove Preschool in Sydney where every year they have a concert in conjunction with the 'big' school kids in the Primary School.
 The theme this year was a paradise/island feel, so I was able to donate for the costumes some of the Plain Pants for the preschool boys to wear on stage. Never have I seen so many pair worn in one group. Don't they look fantastic!


Wish list... Adults Only

I've posted about this before, however I came across these images on my computer while I was clearing out some files..... Europeans really do seem to 'get' batik, and these shots from a Dries van Noten's 2010 range really demonstrate just how well they understand how it can be teamed with 'Western' style. Gorgeous.


Winter Sale

Winter Sale
Halter Dresses Only
$25 each
Plus postage
For a limited time only
Email me for details.

Images of the batiks appear here


Taika - Spreading the love

This post appeared recently on the Taika blog. Thanks Taika!

"A few years ago Natalie was asked to edit a kids magazine. "

winter looks

Petit Batik is not just for Summer! No, no.
Team it with denim, pop some long sleeves under those Smoks, 
and you're ready for the cooler Autumn weather.
Leggings and woollen stockings go well too. 
The batik patterns and colours are a great way to brighten up the cooler days.


Slippery Dip!

I wonder if Petit Batik bloomers make for a speedier ride down the slippery dip?
Little Oliver looks like he's ready to find out.



Tulip Batik

I always seem to go back to this batik print - I call it Brown Tulip.
I love the simplicity of the neutral beige background against the navy and brown.
Harper looks so pretty in blue too.
She's a little munchkin!



There's been a slight demand for images of the Halter dresses, so here they are.
They are not the greatest shots, but they should give you an idea of how they look in each batik.
There are some images throughout the blog that show them being worn, so have a look for those as well.
Blue on Blue

Brown and Black

Brown Patchwork

Bright Wanderings

Fish and Flowers


Golden Feathers

Sunday wearing Fish and Flowers

Night Flowers

Sunset Gold

Swirling Vines

Tangerine Petals

Sunday in Tangerine Petals


Baggy trousers...

I have that great old 'Madness' song going through my head now.... Baggy Trousers.. Baggy Trousers...
It's wonderful now that Harper is walking because you can really see how gorgeous the baggy pants look on the little ones. So sweet! Lucien is still crawling around, and the pants are great for the knee movement.


Having tumbled out of her pram and looking a little worse for wear (not on my watch!) Harper still looks completely adorable in her V-neck in the Blue on Blue batik.

It might be time to trim that mullet haircut though......


Quickly now...

Hurry!! Hurry!!
Free delivery if you order over $50!
For a limited time only,

Email me for available stock and prices.




Pip looks like she's ready for some Summer racing.
In hot weather (it's, what, 41 degrees today?) this is the perfect dress.
These Halter's are so cool, and this one in the Fish and Flowers batik is really very pretty.



Another French Australian in chic  Petit Batik.
Amelie, you are beautiful.


Christmas Holidays 2010/2011

Finally... some holiday snaps of the kids in their batiks while relaxing at Jamison, VIC

Harper's almost walking

Sunday bush walking

Sunday lounging in the hammock
Harper with Kris ma

Jamison local Eli in the Baggy Pants

Sunday on the trampoline...again!