Going, going....... almost gone

I'm quite annoyed with myself for not photographing my first items. If you want to know what I have available in the small pile pictured below, drop me an email and I can talk you through what I have available.


The Martha

I gifted one of these little tops to 6 week old baby Martha earlier today, and I have decided to now call the piece the Martha Top. I'll post a photo of Martha donning her namesake item as soon as she's big enough to wear it - she's a teeny tiny little beauty. The Martha fits a 3mth old girl such as Harper below, with plenty of room to grow as it's baggy under the arms. It buttons all the way down the back, so it's quite easy to get on and off as well.

Harper in Martha.


Tennis anyone?


Luka and Remy are in the perfect attire for a spot of tennis on a cool Wednesday morning!
Much better than boring ol' whites. Thanks for the photos, Kat.


Off to kindy

Sunday quite often wears something Petit Batik to kindy. I snapped this shot this morning while she was sitting on the front step watching Tim pack the van in readiness for his photo shoot for Real Living Magazine.


Selling fast!

I popped in to the Collector Store today and was pleased to see my gorgeous Petit Batik Halter Dress being modelled by a mannequin. I was also very encouraged by the news that they have sold out of the pants in the Medium size. It makes doing this seem all the more worthwhile! i'll stock up Collectore Store pronto.


Hanging around

Tim found this gorgeous vintage hanger the other day. I love it. I'll be hanging my favourite pieces on it for show in Sunday and Harper's room from now on. For today it's the  Easy Top - elastic neck and sleeve top that comes in one size only that can be worn as a big dress on a baby (Harper has one) and then fit them up to the age of about 2.


Farmyard Friendly Smock

Great wear for milking the cows. And hippos, and goats, and camels and ......

Pants, pants, pants

These are the basic Petit Batik pants that come in Small (1-2yrs), Medium (2-4 yrs) and Large (4-6yrs). They look good in just about every batik available, and are very easy for kids to wear with a plain T-shirt or jumper, on both girls and boys. With an elastic waistband - you can't go wrong.

 Fisherman style baggy pants with a drawstring. These pants are a great for disguising nappies because the crutch is so low down! And they look fantastic on too.


Where it all begins

This is where the Petit Batik fabrics are made. This small family run set up is amazing to see and really inspired me the first time I was introduced to the family who run it, it was quite a privilege to see it. The smell of the wax was truly enticing, and the family were so laid back - they even let me have a turn. The entire process of making the batiks is very hands on, and the factories are small and only make about 40 meters of each design at one time. It's quite an organic process, there is no set order of what design will be made next as it's pretty much up to the women as to what design they feel like making at any one time. I don't mind this factor though, it makes it more interesting, and the clothes all the more unique.

Eye candy

Today's favourite Batik.

Rosie Posie Set

Dulcie Bell (6mths) wearing the Rosie Posie top and bloomer set.
She is adorable!

What's a girl to wear?

Needless to say, Sunday and Harper are certainly spoiled for choice.

Where did you get that gorgeous Batik?

Collector Store in Surry Hills is the only commercial place that stocks Petit Batik.
My dear friends Chris & Nike recently opened this gorgeous emporium of designer clothes, homewares, furniture, and generally exquisite things that make you want to open your wallet and spend, spend, spend!

Some of the preliminary the range, hanging on those branches back yonder there.
Collector Store: 473 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Did I mention the furniture Collector Store sells? My partner, Tim Leveson sells his range of custom made coffee and dining tables, as well as his range of W.S. Traders furniture - mirror and console in the pic above for starters.

Branding Ideas - A work in progress.....

I have enlisted the help of my dear friend Sally Browne, graphic designer extraordinaire at The Monkey's Cobbler to do my official branding for Petit Batik. This is a little idea I came up with one night while playing around with fabrics. I am waiting with great anticipation to see what Sal designs. Watch this space.

Little Pants with Drawstring Ankles

I love these pants! I can't wait for Harper to be big enough to wear them.

Halter Dress

Probably my favourite item in the range so far, this simple Halter Dress looks adorable on little girls (I'll try to photograph it on Sunday soon). The batik pattern is really gorgeous with the purple and gold hints throughout, and I wish I had ordered more items in it. The batik is not available at the moment and I will have to wait for it to be hand-printed again, which could be some time away!

First Petit Batik Samples

Sunday modelling the first sample of my Petit Batik childrens clothing range.
Cheeky monkey.