Night Batik

Night time Flowers.
This is a beautiful batik. It's quite 
sophisticated and bold.
I'm looking forward to dressing Sunday 
in the Halter dress in this fabric.
Relax Tops and Smoks will be available in it soon.


On your bike

Why is it that I can find a perfect linen skirt for Sunday, but I can't find one for me? I love linen.
I bought this OUCH skirt the other day and it works really well with the Smok Top. 
In fact there are a few plain singlets and tops in 
their range that team well with the batik.
Lets go riding!


Spring Batik

Spring Weather
Batik + plain T's
Bare feet
So simple
My girls

I often get asked if I make clothes in adults sizes.
I don't. For many reasons.
However, Dries Van Noten do.  Mmmm. Very chic.

I bought this shirt in Jakarta 2 years ago. 
I forgot I had it until today... 
Loving that Spring clean find at the back of the wardrobe.


Petit Batik in Real Living Magazine

These photos were taken a few months ago by the talented Michael Wee for the October Issue of Real Living Magazine. There are 8 pages dedicated to featuring our home. Mr. Jason Grant was the stylist on the day, he's very fab. Harper was wearing her Petit Batik Easy Top on the day with bright orange leggings - she looked very sweet to say the least. Go out and grab a copy for a better look at the whole story.More here - http://reallivingmagazine.blogspot.com/2010/10/mag-extras-modern-bespoke.html


Sunset Gold

Harper in her new Sunset Gold batik V-Neck top. 
Hanging out in the laundry, sucking on a piece of toast.

Asleep after our morning walk.


One for the boys

I was going through some of the old posts on this blog and realized that this batik pattern 
has not really been featured. This pattern is certainly one for the boys. It has Garuda wings all through it. I still have a few of these Relax shirts left in the other neutral brown batiks as well, and I will be dressing Sunday in hers on those hot days down on the beach - great to wear over bathers to keep the sun off. There is a nice little feature whereby the sleeves button up on the elbow.
Coming in new batiks soon too..... keep an eye out.

Batik on holiday

Dulcie's mum mailed me this photo last night of her wearing some of the Baggy Pants (from the first range) while she was holidaying somewhere warm! Sweet! 


Roadside Attractions

Meet Lucian. 
He's our newest neighbor at nearing 6 months. We came home today to find him sporting his Petit Batik pants, and wearing them beautifully with a simple white bodysuit, legs rolled up.
Perfect for a Spring day hanging out on the kerb grass.
Harper thinks he's pretty cute.

Pearl. She's Gold!

I'm telling you, she's soooooooo cute.
A lovely little ensemble happening here. Matching Bloomers and a V Neck top. 


she'll be apples

Sunday wearing the plain pant (M) in the new Golden Feathers Batik, her pick.

Aqua Bulbs
An ode to dear Lewis Morley.
Christine Keeler eat your heart out!

Square Neck Smok in Blue on Blue

I still don't know where Sunday gets her curls from.


NEW STOCK. Come on Summer!

New arrivals!!
Baggy Pants - Plain Pants - Halter Dress - Bloomers
Some styles still to come- see all pictured below
Contact me for further details regarding wholesale inquiries, stockists etc...

The new Batiks are really vibrant. With a few exceptions many of the batiks could be worn by both boys and girls. It would just depend on what you teamed them with.

ONE SIZE ONLY - Fit's 4mths to about 18mths depending on the size of the child.

Batik: The Big Butterfly, Purple

Batik: The Big Butterfly, Olive

Batik: The Big Butterfly, Blue

Batik: Pale Patchwork

Sunday thinks these are great for doing Kung Fu!
Available in three sizes - Small, pictured (3mths - 1 year)
Medium (2 - 4 years)
Large (4 - 6 years)
Batik: The Big Butterfly, Blue

Batik:  The Golden Feathers

Batik: Bright Wanderings

Batik:  Aqua Bulbs

Fits a 6month old (very roomy, like a moo moo on the little ones) up to about 1.5 years depending on size of the child.
  Batik: Swirling Vines

Batik: Rich Patchwork

Batik: Summertime Flowers

Batik: The Big Butterfly, Blue

Batik: Sunset Gold

Batik: Aqua Bulbs

click on read more to see more!!